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Please note: Price listed is for 2 participants. This lesson works best when both students are similar in weight/size since you will be sharing equipment.

Two Hour Lesson Up to 2 People
Three Hour Lesson Up to 2 people

Kiteboard or Wing with a Buddy!

Semi-private lessons are great for friends, siblings, and couples who want to learn kiteboarding together. Get a great deal and create some healthy competition between the two of you as you push each other to advance quicker while learning from the other person’s mistakes – and successes!

All necessary equipment and kite gear will be provided by us, except a wetsuit, which students are responsible for acquiring due to sizing and personal hygiene reasons. Our recommendation is that students who plan to continue kiteboarding also purchase their own kiteboarding equipment (get free lessons when purchasing from us) because it’s ideal to learn with the gear you will be using once you are on your own. We are happy to provide professional guidance on selecting the correct gear.

The skill and challenge level keep building with each consecutive class with respect to each student’s physical ability and comfort level.

**Note: Kiteboarding is a progressive sport and everyone’s learning curve and abilities differ. We go at each individual’s pace. If you are advancing quickly, we won’t hold you back and if you need to work on a step for a little longer we will not pressure you to advance.