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Quick Details


Your Best Option for Learning!

Nine hours of private instruction are split into three-hour sessions over three days. This is our most popular package since most people are able to get up on the board by the end of the nine hours.

Evolution kiteboarding offers kitesurfing & wingfoil lessons taught by professional certified instructors. For those interested in learning more about the sport and advancing their kiteboarding or wingfoil skills – you have come to the right place. We teach everything you need to know about kiteboarding / wingfoiling and even provide guidance on selecting and buying the right gear so you learn the right techniques from the get-go, and advance quickly!

All necessary equipment and gear will be provided by the evolution kiteboarding school, for wetsuits we highly recommend to bring your own for personal hygiene and to ensure proper fit. If you dont have a wetsuit we do have some available at the school.

Our recommendation is that students purchase their own equipment (get free lessons when purchasing from us), since it’s best to learn with the gear you will be using once you are on your own.

We can certainly provide professional consultation on selecting the right gear. With each consecutive class, the skill and challenge level will keep building with respect to the physical ability of each student.

**Note: Kiteboarding and wingfoiling are progressive sports and everyone’s learning curve and abilities differ. We go at each individual’s pace. If you are advancing quickly, we won’t hold you back and if you need to work on a step for a little longer we will not pressure you to advance.