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  • Experienced riders only


Quick Details

Half Day Rental 2 Hours
Full Day Rental 4 Hours
Half Day Rental - Kite and Bar Only 2 Hours
Full Day Rental - Kite and Bar Only 4 Hours
Board Rental 4 Hours
Harnest Rental 4 Hours
Bar Rental 4 Hours

Rent Kiteboarding Gear!

Kite Gear Rentals are only available for experienced riders with a level 3 IKO certification or equivalent. Lessons always have priority over rentals. Rentals are subject to availability on a daily basis.

When renting customer is fully responsible for the gear and subject to pay for any damage or loss of equipment. If you are not 100% sure of your ability we recommend continuing with lessons rather than renting.

We will provide

  • Restrooms and shower on site
  • Parking on site