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Quick Details

1 hour Tow foil All ages
150 + tax

Jetski Tow-Foil lesson

Approximately 1-hour session with a jet ski in the calm morning waters of La Ventana or any no wind day.
Your instructor will be coaching you from the jet ski with a 2-way headset.

This is the best way to learn how to Hydrofoil. Once you learn how to ride the foil you will be able to transition to wing foiling ,kite foiling or prone foiling much easier. No previous experience is required.

The Evolution Kiteboarding school provides all gear and necessary equipment. However, we recommend that students plan to purchase their own foil equipment since it’s best to learn with the gear you plan to use once you are doing the sport on your own. We’re happy to offer consultation on how to select the right gear.

We highly recommend to bring your own wetsuit and booties for personal hygiene and to ensure proper fit. If you don’t have a wetsuit we do have some available at the school.

With each consecutive class, the challenge and skill level will keep building with respect to the physical ability and comfort level of each student.

Note: Hydro-foiling is a progressive sport and everyone’s learning curve and abilities differ. We go at each individual’s pace. If you are advancing quickly, we won’t hold you back and if you need to work on a step for a little longer we will not pressure you to advance.