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Learn a New Sport at Our Kitesurfing Camp In Canada!

Full day Kite camp. We start around 11am or as soon as the wind starts and do a 2 hour session followed by a 1 hour break for a light lunch (lunch included) and do another 2 or 3 hour session after lunch. You can take as many breaks as you need throughout the day and if you dont want to take a full hour break for lunch you can keep going and have up to 5 hours lesson in one day. We finish at 5pm just in time for happy hour at our beach bar Mezcaleria La Ventana.

Evolution Kiteboarding lessons are taught by professionally IKO certified instructors who can teach you everything you need to know about the sport and even provide guidance on selecting and buying the right gear so you advance quickly having learned the right techniques from the get-go.

We provide all necessary equipment and kite gear, except for a wetsuit, which everyone is responsible for bringing due to personal hygiene and sizing reasons. We also recommend that students purchase their own kiteboarding equipment (get free lessons when purchasing from us) if they’re serious about the sport because it’s always best to learn with the actual gear you’ll be using once you are out there on your own.

With each consecutive camp day, the skill and challenge level will keep building with respect to the physical ability of each student.

*Note: Kiteboarding is a progressive sport and everyone’s learning curve and abilities differ. We go at each individual’s pace. If you are advancing quickly, we won’t hold you back and if you need to work on a step for a little longer we will not pressure you to advance.